Celebrating 30 Years of Providing Affordable Homes

Our Mission Statement

"Homes for All, Inc. seeks to advance the principle that people at all income levels have a right to decent, safe, suitable and affordable housing and to the sense of security, dignity, and stability that such housing provides."

Homes for All, Inc. is a non-profit, affordable housing developer seeking to advance the principle that people of all income levels have a right to affordable housing. Founded in 1986 and located in Toms River, New Jersey, we are committed to providing affordable housing and support services for low and moderate income families in our communities.

Our Board of Trustees is composed of individuals from many diverse backgrounds including representatives from local churches, synagogues, and community groups as well as professionals, housing advocates, and business leaders. Homes for All, Inc. has made significant progress in addressing the many issues associated with the lack of affordable housing in Ocean County.

With a combination of state, county, federal, and community resources behind us, we are currently attacking these issues through financing, construction, work equity, renovation, rehabilitation, and the purchasing and/or management of single and multi-family housing.

We strive to provide the people in our community the "tools" with which they can improve the quality of their own lives.

"We are creating beautiful communities that are a source of pride for its residents as well as surrounding neighborhoods."

Mailing Address: 

Homes for All, Inc.

7 Hyers Street, Toms River, NJ 08753

Phone: (732) 286-7929       Fax: (732) 286-9698

Email: Andrew.HFA@gmail.com